Jackson "Xykrotik" Harris

Here's a portfolio of all the audio software I've worked on in some capacity, whether it be small like beta testing, or larger like full post-audio work.

Orange Tree Samples

I've done work with Orange Tree Samples (OTS) since 2018.Most projects have been released, not all of them will be listed here, and some are still on the backburner, and I can't showcase those here for obvious reasons, sorry!
This is just to showcase some of what I've done. :)
Released Projects:

Library NameTasks PerformedRelease
Rubber BridgeDocumentation FormattingMay 17, 2022
Django JazzDocumentation FormattingFebruary 1, 2022
Vintage GentSample Processing, Documentation FormattingDecember 13, 2021
Dry RelicSample Processing, Documentation FormattingOctober 6, 2021
Bluegrass BanjoDocumentation FormattingMarch 4, 2021
The Famous E Electric PianoSample ProcessingJuly 10, 2020

Sudden Audio

I worked on Sudden Audio's first flagship sample library, RAW Strings.
By providing my post-audio expertise, I assisted in a successful first library for the team.
Released Projects:

Library NameTasks PerformedRelease
RAW StringsSample Editing2020


I worked with Soundiron back in 2017. Various projects were dabbled in, all of them have been released. Usually had multiple people per projects, so it was a collaborative effort.No desire to list all of the projects, thanks for understanding.

Open Source Samples

This is a project started and hosted by my friend and colleague Jeff "Pumodi" Brice.I will be contributing and assisting in managing the project as the Sampling Expert.
We hope the project can provide free and available resources for hobbyists and composers alike.
If you would like to make a contribution, download, or use any of the available samples or instruments, please check them out at:

Output ARCADE 2.0

I put my music technology and sound designer expertise to use designing presets and patches for various libraries of Output's biggest update to Arcade, adding full chromatic note playing capabilities of the designed, or user designed, packs.

Cinesamples Musio

I had a chance to beta test Cinesamples' new music / sample library subscription plugin, Musio.

Orchestral Tools SINE Player

I had a chance to beta test Orchestral Tools' proprietary new sample library plugin, SINE.

FrozenPlain Mirage

I was a beta tester for FrozenPlain's self-developed plugin Mirage, to host their future libraries and audio effects.